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How She Gained Maximum Exposure

For ONLY $.02 Per Person.

Local Real Estate Agent Was Noticed By 2,168 Potential Clients In 7 Days Using A Single 15 Second Facebook Video Advertisement​​​​​​​


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Are you motivated to discover how you can capitalize on the power of FACEBOOK and VIDEO to increase local exposure and connect to more of your target market?

I am excited to share this valuable information with you and want to prepare you so that you gain maximum value.

Before we get started you have some homework to do prior to the webinar scheduled for May 1st 11 AM.

1st CLICK HERE (from your mobile device - not your computer) and download the mobile app. You will need this as part of our training. I will explain once we are together on the webinar. 

Click Login And Enter Your Email Address

DO NOT Click Get Started

2nd Complete the setup process making sure to complete your profile. This is key.

NOTE: Please do not skip these steps. Contact me with any questions.

3rd Make sure you know how to login to Facebook ads manager so you can follow along. To access your ad manager account CLICK HERE

During the webinar you can expect to learn more about the "7 C's To Unleashing The Power Of Facebook Video Ads To Reach More Potential Clients And Growing Your Real Estate Business".

We will go into more detail during our time together, but I will lay them out for you right now.

1. Creating the Campaign

2. Clientele to target

3. Cost of the campaign

4. Content that works

5. Challenge you are solving

6. Capture the information

7. Calibrate and Repurpose

​BONUS OFFER ($500 Value)

+ 3 hand drawn, animated videos that you can use immediately to target 1st time home buyerspeople interested in downsizing, and Millenials ($300 Value)

+ CRM complete with email drip campaigns ($100 value)

+ Single page websites to promote open houses and listings ($100 Value)

To claim your $500 in bonuses simply download the mobile app

and complete the setup of your profile prior to May 11th.

On May 11th you will receive a link to download your 3 videos, as well as the information needed to access your CRM and single page websites.

Your Instructor

Cell - 540.268.0388

Rod Ferrier