Credit Repair For Real Estate Agents


Did You Know...

1/3 of your prospects (38.3%)  may not qualify to purchase due to a bad credit score.

It can take months and even years to repair damaged credit and this means that you are losing out on potential buyers.

Consider this important fact...


 87% of home buyers purchase with the 1st agent they speak to.


What would an additional 1-2 new clients each month do for your business in 2021?


It is no secret that Covid-19 has impacted hundreds of thousands of people across the United States.


High unemployment and a decrease in available jobs coupled with a loss of income have left thousands of area residents with negative items on their credit report.


Late payments, collections, bankruptcy, and even foreclosures have increased as a result of this global pandemic.


The good news...


There is something you can do about it as a licensed real estate professional.


2021 Done For You

Credit Repair Program.


Done For You Credit Repair Services For Real Estate Professionals

Navigating the world of credit repair is difficult and time-consuming. 

As a result of Covid-19, response times from creditors have increased from 30 days to 45 days.

This means that what once took 2-3 months to complete now takes 4-6 months and often times more if you don't know the proper steps to take.

Complete the short form above to gain INSTANT ACCESS to professional, affordable, done for you credit repair services designed specifically for real estate professionals like you.

Here is what you can expect to receive:

+ Credit repair made easy -  Simply click your unique link, fill out a form assigned to you (Name, phone number, email...), and the amazing team at Scribble does the heavy lifting for you.

+ Real-time tracking easy access to a live dashboard that shows the status of your client, eliminating the guesswork.

+ No cost to you- There is no fee to the agent for these services or tools. We provide you the training and resources in an effort to help you grow your business.

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