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How She Gained Maximum Exposure

For ONLY $.02 Per Person.

Local Real Estate Agent Was Noticed By 2,168 Potential Clients In 7 Days Using A Single 15 Second Facebook Video Advertisement​​​​​​​

Numbers do not lie, right?

Take a close look at the image and you will see that Sofia achieved massive results on a small budget.

The best news though?

So can you!

Sofia and I decided to cast a wide net at first. We chose an audience ages 25 + who live within a 25 mile radius of Bowie Maryland. We wanted to see what fish were biting and adjust our message for optimal results.

In case you are not aware, Facebook has removed or restricted your ability as a realtor to target an audience based on income, assets, home ownership and more.

What does this mean for you?

You have to simply get a little creative.

That is exactly what Sofia and I did when building this campaign.

Our objective was to find out who is interested in her video and then retarget them with a specific message that resonates with them.

The beauty of Facebook video ads is that you have an opportunity to reach more of your target market faster, AND for less money out of pocket.

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Achieve Maximum Success

On A Minimal Budget

Check Out The Results Below

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Quickly And Accurately Define Your Target Audience

What if there was an easy way to accurately pinpoint your target market.

Would you give it a try?

Once you successfully determined who your market is would you take time to craft a message specifically to that audience?

Of course you would right? That is a no brainer and also exactly what Sofia is doing.

She determined that out of the 2,013 people who watched her entire 15 second video a WHOPPING 69% were ages 55 and over!

That means 1,323 ages 55 and up saw her video.

What goes through your mind when thinking about this audience?

Are they more likely to be a first time home buyer?

Probably not, right?

What about moving up to a bigger home, maybe even downsizing, or possibly they would like to invest in real estate.

Now you can be like Sofia and created targeted video advertisements that resonate with your newly found audience.

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Will Facebook Video Marketing Work For My Real Estate Business?

How are you currently marketing your business?

Do you door knock, cold call and talk with people you meet in public?

Do you mail post-cards, sponsor events, pay for and attend networking groups, or post about your business on social media multiple times a day?

What is working?

How much time and money are you investing into what you are doing?

What is the return on your investment? Do you even know?

Imagine that you have a complete strangers undivided attention for 15 seconds...

What would you say to them to promote your business?

Now ask yourself this question, "Where else can I get infront of 2,168 potential prospects, have 2,013 people see all of my 15 sec video advertisement, determine who is interested and retarget them, and do all of this for ONLY $35?

If you are interested in learning how you can harness the power of Facebook Video marketing to reach more of your target market simply click the button below.